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Publisher's description

This program has been reported to be unavailable on a regular basis.
This implies that we are unable to provide universally applicable download links, relevant version information.
Simple to use, protect your data on a schedule or after every time a file changes.

A wizard guides you through easy first time set-up.

QuikProtect backs up your data to external hard drives or networked drives.

Access the backups on your external drive wherever you take it - no special software is needed.

Main features:

- Simple file-level backup
- Easy drag and drop functionality
- Runs in the background
- Offers continuous data protection

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  • 0
    Ginette Chouinard 6 months ago

    I use Quick Protect v since may 2012 on Windows 7 and I love it!
    1) Will it work with Windows 10 that I am about to download?
    2) If not, what do you recommand?
    3) I sometimes have a message : "Une exception non gérée s'est produite dans un composant de votre application. Si vous cliquez sur Continuer, votre application va ignorer cette erreur et essayer de continuer. Le thread a été abandonné." What does it mean? Thank you.

  • 0
    Ron Turner 7 months ago

    I have used Iomega QuikProtect for some time but have got a new laptop. Now I cannot download the program. Please advise.

    • 0
      Software Informer 7 months ago

      Dear User!
      Unfortunately, the program is unavailable for downloading and the program's origin is unknown.
      Sincerely yours,
      SI Team

      • 0
        Jim Bird 7 months ago

        I have a loadable copy but it works on windows 7 ok but works on 10 on one computer but not another.

  • 0
    Guest 2 years ago

    QuckProtect will not backup non-standard folders I've selected in addition to the standard folders. It backs up the standard folders just fine, but will not backup the additional folders I have selected. I have no idea why as it doesn't make any sense to me. This has never worked and I ended up having to copy/paste the folders from my computer to the Iomega Home Media Network Drive.
    As an example, it backs up: Contacts, Desktop (which I deselected) Documents, Downloads, Favorites, Music, Pictures, Saved Games (which I deselected), and Videos.
    I have additional folders that I created under my User Account and even though I select those folders as part of the backup and monitoring, QuickProtect refuses to back them up!
    I know that this SW is no longer supported, so I would really appreciate recommendations for a replacement BU SW that works with the Iomega Home Media Drive. I am running Windows 7 64-bit.
    Thanks so much for your help!

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